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Breaking the stereotypes

During the second day of the Youth Exchange the Greek group has started the day with ice-breaking activities in order to get to know each other and break the ice among the participants. During the morning session the rules of the Youth Exchange were set  and the expectations, the fears and the contributions of each participant were expressed and shared within the whole group.

Afterwards a Power Point presentation was thrown about the interculturality and the difference between interculturality and multiculturality,. In this presentation the culture of each nation was represented as an iceberg because some aspects of its culture are obvious from other cultures, while other aspects are not. Then each national group participating in this Youth Exchange shared the stereotypes that they have for the other participating countries, for example the Italians presented their stereotypes and prejudices about the Greek, the Spanish, the Serbian, the Turkish and the Romanian people. They presented these stereotypes in an innovative way either preparing a video or presenting a short thetrical play-role playing game or presenting them using a flipchart paper.

In the afternoon the leaders had a meeting to share the problems that their groups were facing after the first day and then the participants were divided in four group in order to work on four different art workshops; flashmob, music-dance, painting and photography-IT workshop. All four workshop groups started working on the topic “All the same – All united” in order to present their works to the local community of Patras during the last day of the Youth Exchange on 16th July 2019. The afternoon session ended with the reflection session where the participants had the opportunity to realise what they have learnt during the day.

After dinner the participants had time to discover Patras and go for a walk by night in the center of Patras so as to discover the beautiful squares and pedestrian roads of the city!

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