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Building Bridges of Solidarity

After breakfast the Serbian day started with two energizers so that everyone would wake up. They started off with a samurai (ninja) energiser and had a lot of fun doing it. The morning session consisted of two main activities-We built this house together and Migration rally.

The first activity was about repairing an old building, so that 30 people -immigrants and refugees- could fit into it. Participants had to think of a way to repair it and spend as less money as possible. At the end they presented their work and they realised how hard it was to do something like this and to think about it in an economical way.

After a short coffee break a second energiser was thrown to entertain young participants, which was just dance. On the projector the youngsters could see the movements they were supposed to follow as they were dancing Despacito.

The second activity was Migration rally. Participants were divided in art project groups and had to think of what does a day of a refugee woman, man, child or elderly person look like. Also, one of the tasks was to interview people on the streets, so as to see what do they think of refugees.

After lunch break because of the bad weather the crossing of Rio-Antirrio bridge was impossible and as a result the participants continued preparing the art workshops (painthing, flashmob, photography-IT and music-dance) the whole afternoon.

The afternoon finished with reflection where the participants expressed their feelings about whole day, and where all the paricipants agreed that day was very usefull for their life in the near future. After dinner the participants had free time to relax.

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