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Cultural Visit Day-Cultural Expression

The day started with the 2 games-energizers in order to start the day with energy and positive thinking. The first one was a simple game, in which the group formed two rows facing each other, forming pairs that had to perform small tasks that the Romanian team asked. The second game name was “fishes and fishermen” in which everybody was divided in two big groups: the fishes and the fishermen. The purpose of this game was for the fishermen to form a big circle holding each other hands, to simulate a net with the goal to catch to catch the fishes.

Then the participants visited the Archaeological Museum of Patras. The group was divided into 4 workings group: Group1: Photography and IT video, Group 2: Music and dance, Group 3: Flashmob and Group 4: Painting to participate in a game with 6 questions in connection with the exhibits of the museum. The winner team was Photography and IT video group.

After the visit to the Archaeological Museum there was a trip to Nafpaktos Seaside Town, located only 45 minutes from Patras. Firstly a visit of Nafpaktos’ Port was done and afterwards some participants decided to go to Nafpaktos’ castle on foot through the narrow pedestrian roads. During the trip in Nafpaktos participants had the time to eat light lunch, to walk by the sea and enjoy the sea.

During the afternoon the young participants had the opportunity to get inspired by the sea and the picturesque environment of Nafpaktos in order to continue theart workshops preparation. Later in the afternoon it was time for the return trip to Patras. But before returning to Patras, the participants had a stop at the picturesque seaside village of Psathopyrgos in order to have dinner in a restaurant by the sea. The dinner was offered from the company Arkhon as a sponsorship. As the participants were waiting to have dinner they had a short reflection about the day.

When the youngsters returned to Patras they were tired from the whole day but they really enjoyed themselves in the trip and were full of experiences!

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