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Difficulties in the New Life

The Spanish day started with energizers, which took place in the South Park of Patras. The environment was very beautiful and participants enjoyed working in nature. After the energizers during the morning session three activities were organized.

The first activity was consisted of creating a border with rocks, leaves, branches and other elements of the nature that participants could find nearby. The border separated the participants in two groups; one from the side of the sea and the other from the side of the city. After the two groups debating whether the border was a positive thing or not, and why crossing a border may be a difficult experience, the participants had to give their opinion about the necessity to have borders.

The second activity was a role-play game which involved groups of participants who acted as families and had to create an asylum application form. Then they had to take that form to the state workers, who were members of the Spanish group and who only spoke Spanish. The participants finally understood the difficulties refugees are facing in other countries, the necessity to have a common language and to be understood by others.

The third activity was a collage creation activity which represented the expectations of refugees and the actual reality which they have to face when they arrive in a new country. They created very artistic and creative paintings and the Spanish group helped them and took several pictures.

After lunch, the participants had time to explore the amazing water of the sea in a nearby beach and then the participants continued working in art workshop groups according to the topic they had selected at the beginning of the project.

During the evening the intercultural night of Serbia and Greece took place with games, dances, videos about the two cultures and of course some national dishes and drinks for the rest of the people to enjoy.

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