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Human Rights Protection

The Italian day started with energizers at Olga’s square. The energizers helped the participants fill with energy for the rest of the day. After the energizers the participants went to the Chamber of Commerce of Achaia where the main objective of  the Italian group was to improve the knowledge of the young people about the principles and the values of the Human Rights and how to protect these rights.
The Italian group tried to make all participants familiar with their own rights and teach them how to respect and protect the right of the others. To achieve this objective the following educational sources were used:
-A PowerPoint presentation about human rights. The Italian group presented “The Universal Declaration of Human Right” that was drafted around four pillars: dignity, liberty, equality and brotherhood. The participants also shared their view about the countries that do not respect this human rights, where some people are not able to make their rights respected or to take part completely in the democratic processes that regulate the civic life.
-The Goose game with special boxes and special rules about human rights, with the objective not to let these rights remain on paper; to know them, understand them, learn them, meditate on them; leave no room for violence and indifference; to be proud to defend and enforce them so we can live all togheter in a better world.
-A book that  has been made by the Italian partner and has been gifted to all participants of “Bridges of Solidarity” that contains the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (U.D.H.R.) translated in all the languages of the countries that have taken part to this project.

Afterwards a round table discussion followed in the Chamber of Commerce of Achaia, in which Mr. Paxinos and Mrs. Panagopoulou, representatives of the NGO PRAXIS informed the young participants about the action of PRAXIS in Patras community for the children of immigrants and refugees. In addition, PRAXIS informed the youngsters about the innovative project of the NGO called “Mobile School”, which is a mobile unit for empowering the skills and competencies of children of refugees and Roma children living in Patras who cannot have access to the public education. Afterwards, an interactive game followed in order to get in the place of those children.

In this round table discussion Mrs. Amalia Traga, sociologist from the Municipality of Patras shared with the participants the topic “We are different or we are all the same, we are humans”. The youngsters participated in a role-play game about stories of refugees and immigrants. Finally, Mr. Vlachos with an interactive game of non-formal learning made all the people have fun and empowered the youngsters with the values of solidarity and dignity about refugees and immigrants.

During the afternoon session the participants expressed their opinion and view about a number of statements concerning refugees and human rights. Then they had the opportunity to continue working on the art workshop groups and the session finished with a short reflection about the day.

After dinner Italy and Spain had their Intercultural Night, in which the participants had the opportunity to learn about the two cultures, their dances, national games and taste delicious products and drinks from those countries.

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