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Refugees and Migration Wave

The participants started the day off with energizers such as team-building games. After completed the energizers the youngsters went on the first session of the day, “Refugees and Migration Wave” . Participants were asked to stay in their relaxing  positions and then they were told a story that began with a happy way which then turnedinto a sad story. They were exposed authentic atmosphere that the activity itself arises self-questioning “What would I do If I faced such a terrible experience?”. The next step was to ask the participants how did they feel. At the end of the activity participants shared their ideas and feelings. During the reflection, the feedback coming from participants were very positive and emotional.

After a short coffee break we visited the Mayor of Patras. There the Vice Mayor of Education Field welcomed all participants and he had a discussion with them. They were very welcomed with a great hospitality and also the young people had to ask some questions about the city. After having lunch, afternoon session started with funny and energetic team building activities. Then the participants kept working on the second session named “3 things”. Participants were asked to get 3 things with them in case of such a terrible situation as they had in the first session. Then divided in mixed international groups, they discussed the main reasons why these three essential things were selected. The reasons were listed and ideas were shared and at the end the point was “we are all one”. The session was followed by coffee break and then the groups of art workshop continued working on their project.

In the evening it was time for Turkish and Romanian cultural nights together. The participants watched amazing videos and performanced traditional dances, shared local foods from both cultures and discovered more things about the two cultures.

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